In 1939, the All Natural Mr. America Contest was created to select “America’s Best Built Man” and was focused on honoring the ancient Greek virtues of health, muscularity, symmetry, and character in order to showcase some of the finest specimens of American masculinity. Over time, the Mr. America Contest grew to become one of the most prestigious and recognizable names in bodybuilding and strength.

Today’s modern Mr. America title is awarded to the overall winner of bodybuilding and continues to represent “America’s Best Built Man” inside and out – a well-rounded individual with symmetry, muscle, mindset, and moxie.

The perfect picture of Strength, Classic Aesthetic, Health, Wellness and Motivation to represent the best in American Fitness.

In addition to the AAU Mr. America, the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) ran their version of the title. First run in 1949, but then not run again until 1959, this event was run continuously until 1977. Many of the IFBB Mr. America winners are some of the most iconic figures in the sport.